Dependable Platform for Optimal Outcomes

Launcher's primary segment allows you to actively engage while preserving curve shape:
> Balanced catheter shaft maintains backup support for challenging cases.

> Controlled torque allows precise placement.

Absolute Visualization

The catheter design offers a complete view of the guide and vessel:

> Large lumen increases dye flow.

> Vest-Tech nylon from distal shaft to tip provides exceptional radiopacity.

Large Lumens with No Performance Tradeoff

Proprietary design delivers the performance you expect from Medtronic:

> Largest 6F I.D. (0.071 in.) provides broad product compatibility.

> Full Wall Technology uses encapsulated flat-wire braid to achieve a large lumen catheter.

This is the last work for driver

Driver Over-the-Wire Coronary Stent System

Thin Struts Deliver Results

Advancements in stent design have expanded your treatment options, but you remain driven to achieve more.

To keep pace with your changing clinical needs, Medtronic explores every avenue to enhance stent performance. For today's challenges, we bring you an advanced alloy stent—the Driver Coronary Stent System, a cobalt-based modular stent that surpasses the limitations of stainless steel.

With ultra-thin struts and a lower profile, the Driver Stent delivers unmatched flexibility, ease of delivery and optimal vessel support. The Driver Coronary Stent System—another milestone from Medtronic.

The Driver Stent utilizes a cobalt-based alloy that is stronger and denser than stainless steel.

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